Mistake 15 of 29: Faceless Marketing Content

A newspaper, website, advert etc without pictures would be flat and boring. Indeed, most property portals, agency websites and property newspapers look like they are promoting post-nuclear Britain - pictures of houses and empty streets and not a soul in sight.

I thought we were in a people business?

So why allow your advice blogs, articles, market reports, etc to be faceless? Your pictures need not necessarily say a thousand words, but they do add colour, both literally and literarily, and they help the reader move from one item to the next. If your images are relevant/local then so much the better.

But the best picture of all to use is of YOU – even if you’re butt-ugly like my sister!

By adding a picture of yourself as the author of your estate agency marketing content, you provide the reader with a connection to a real person – you. Such an image suggests transparency, confidence and expertise, all of which build trust. It shows that you’re not trying to hide from anything. The icing on the cake is when you turn up for a marketing proposal meeting and they not only recognise you, but they might even feel honoured to have you, the well-known property expert, in their home! The Phil Spencer effect!

In some small way you are hoping to develop a degree of celebrity here and your picture plays a huge role in this.

But don’t keep this to yourself – be generous in ensuring that your key staff members are also encouraged to promote themselves in this way. Give credit to different "authors"every time you publish on your blog, hard copy newsletters, email marketing etc. That way, your brand will be an association of property experts. (Your colleagues may not have personally written the piece but hey, that’s marketing!)

I’d go one stage further and suggest that your brand is a reflection of your people, not vice versa. For example, I’m sure you would agree that if you have a great brand, but the seller doesn’t like YOU during the appraisal, you probably wouldn’t get the instruction. But flip this around – even if you have a mediocre brand, but the seller really likes YOU, you are more likely to get the instruction than the average agent operating under a stronger brand.

So put your people first. Make them part of your brand and market them as thoroughly as other agents promote their faceless brands. That way, you’ll add a meaningful personality to your agency – arguably one of its most attractive characteristics.

“Key point: “Don't be faceless! Your audience will more readily connect with your brand when you feature your own people in your estate agency marketing"

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