Mistake 14 of 29: Focusing on your USPs

In an ideal world you’d just list your Unique Selling Points in your estate agency marketing and people would instruct you because of the stuff you do. But that doesn’t work, especially as, with respect, your USPs may not be that much more impressive than those of your competitors.

Building the trust required for a seller to consider instructing you is not a menu-driven beauty parade. In some ways this is good news because it is usually easier to win hearts than minds. So it’s better to consider each of your USP’s in a new context – not as a USP, but instead a UCB – a Unique Client Benefit – in other words, what’s in it for them?

But don’t shove them all into one article or blog. Identify say 20 of your key messages and integrate just one of these per article, newsletter piece, blog contribution, etc. Make each article focus on that specific issue and then drip feed your pieces to your audience over time.

But be subtle or you’ll turn people off! For example one of my articles looks at “How to Involve the Children in Your Move" – very pertinent for a family about to consider moving house and possibly interesting for any parent. But really, the hidden Unique Client Benefit is actually about the benefit of accompanied viewings when there are children around! (You can see what I mean by reading the article itself HERE).

Everything you write should be a well-crafted vehicle for a specific key messages, but always written with the reader very much in mind. What do THEY get out of it?

“Key point: “Repackage your Unique Selling Points as Unique Client Benefits and drip-feed these to your target audience”

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