Mistake 10 of 29: Forgetting to Close!

In the field, many estate agents overlook the importance of closing. You hopefully wouldn’t allow this to happen on viewings or during a marketing proposal meeting, and nor should you in your writing. If one of your potential prospects has read your piece to the end, then they are already likely to be predisposed towards you. You have gained their trust by providing something of value, and, in doing so, you are beginning to earn the right to their business. You can’t ask for their business until you have reached this point.

All you then have to do is to engage them with an appropriate “close”, ideally linked to the subject matter, such as “Please feel free to phone Debbie Smith for a confidential chat about your own moving plans” or, “as experts in the xxx area, we’d be happy to show you how to optimize the price of your own home in view of the latest budget announcement” or “Please contact us today for a marketing proposal, on 012 345 6789.”One technique that is currently proving effective is a short, sharp “text me on 07415 xxx xxxx for advice.”

However, you may have spent a lot of time, effort and skill in writing your piece (and then hopefully had it proofread by someone else), yet much of this can go to waste if you don’t politely ask for something in return. Not an in-yer-face sales pitch, but

having started some form of relationship with the reader, you are entitled to gently suggest taking it to the next level.

You don’t know if your reader actually needs your services at that time, hence the need to continually earn the right to ask. Drip, drip, drip.

Most of my own business as an estate agency marketing consultant and trainer comes from blogs such as this. The formula I use is to be generous with my advice, (hoping it doesn’t fall on deaf ears) and frequently providing something that I hope will be of value. Alongside this, I offer my estate agency marketing content programme to people who I hope will find it interesting. It certainly works for me (and for my many estate agency clients), and the same strategy can work for you too.

It would be ridiculous of me not to finish this particular tip without asking you if you’d therefore like me to help you with your own estate agency articles? See! That was easy. I won’t get upset if you don’t respond, and I’ll happily continue to provide you with these content marketing tips. But if you would like to see how I can help you with your estate agency marketing, then please feel free to check out EstateAgencyArticles.com. I might even be able to have you up and running by Christmas - when people tend have more time to read your material.

Have a great day.


Key point for today:

"Give generously, and, once you have earned the right to the business, don’t forget to ask for it!”

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