Mistake 9 of 29. It's all about YOU!

You’ll know that people who are successful at building relationships tend to spend more time talking about the other person than themselves. Many estate and letting agents get this wrong within their marketing content, without ever realizing it.

Yet one of the key differences between an obviously promotional piece and a well-considered client-focused approach is the PERSON in which the piece is primarily written. Is it written in the first person (I/we, me/our) or the second person (you/your)? Many agents make the mistake of promoting various aspects of their agency without putting these in the context of the recipient’s needs:

"We do this; we do that! It's all about US!"

This is too "first person" to be attractive.

For example, when did you last review your standard letters, mailers, emails, social media content etc? Are they imaginative, distinctive, professional and enjoyable? Do they persuasively convey your key messages, while engaging the reader with interesting information? Hopefully they are all of these.

But what about the person? Is your material focused on you or them?

Here’s something you can do to perfect this aspect of your writing style: Print out all your standard letters, flyers etc. Using a yellow highlighter pen, highlight any uses of the words “I”, “me”, “us”, “our”, “ours”. Then, in a blue highlighter, mark all the uses of the words “you/your” and “yours”. A good letter will have more blue highlight than yellow. I recently reviewed an agent’s email piece and discovered a ratio of 11:1 – that’s one youto eleven me’s. Selfish or what?

If this unwitting weakness applies to you then take the time to re-word your material so that it focuses on them rather than you. Here are two examples:

Original: “We deliver great customer service”

Replace with “Your deserve to be treated as a valued customer”

Original: “We get the highest price the market will pay”

Replace with: “You can expect to receive the highest price the market will pay”

Get this right across your estate agency and you’ll find your mailings engage more deeply and attract a more positive response. Then – why not take it further and make a conscious effort to reflect the same focus with clients during your appraisal meetings?


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