Mistake 7 of 29: Self-Promotion Misfire!

I recently received a marketing email from a respected estate agency in the northwest of England. It was entitled “Presenting our new Boards”. Wow! I thought. Are these new boards holographic? Are they video interactive? Do they track eyeball movements or have facial recognition? Are they able to log the identity of a viewer or note passing traffic speed and report potential interest directly to the seller? Alas, the email was simply asking me to invest part of MY LIFE to look at what was effectively just another boring For Sale board design containing nothing remarkable at all.

Every day I come across an estate agency proudly bragging about its beautiful new website, advert revamp or office design. I accept that your branding collateral is of course very important to YOU – you might have even engaged the services of an expensive marketing agency to help you - but are these things important or even remotely interesting to the public? Who flippin’ cares if you have changed your font or chosen a slightly darker green? What’s the benefit to THEM?

Each marketing communication should be really valuable in its own right – on the recipient’s terms – not yours. Of course your clients expect your imagery to be appropriate and even slick, but your own “internal” stuff should never be the focal point of a marketing communication.

Have you really got nothing more interesting to say? Why would I bother reading something that is simply a brag sheet about some estate agency in whom I otherwise have little interest? Please, where’s the unsubscribe button?

There are SO many other businesses and marketing messages vying for the consumers’ attention – don’t waste each valuable opportunity with a selfish, worthless, plug.

"Make sure your solution connects with their problem."

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Thank you for reading.

Richard Rawlings

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