Mistake 6 of 29: Miscommunicating your expertise.

I have mentioned the importance of expertise several times. You may have many years of experience in your market, but you might be losing out if people don’t actually know how skilled and experienced you are. Okay, hundreds may have had the pleasure of working with you in the past, but tens of thousands probably haven’t and have no opinion of you whatsoever. You need to change that!

Don’t be scared to express your opinions and it doesn’t matter if a few people disagree with you - that goes with the territory.

Be seen as a visionary!

You already know your stuff hopefully, so express your position with authority and confidence. Don’t use phrases such as “in my opinion…” or “I think/feel that…”. Just state your case and you’ll engender greater credibility.

There is plenty of controversial material in the press to get your teeth into, be it the economy, Brexit, elections, budgets, the market, the city, local issues etc. Certainly if you can find some interesting research or data then so much the better. Why not even conduct your own? In fact, my own research has found that 87.6% of blog readers will regard you as their preferred agent of choice if you mention any statistic in your articles. (Not true. I just lied. But you get the point).

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Many thanks and hope enjoyed today's blog.

Richard Rawlings

DRIP Content Writer for Estate Agents

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