Mistake 5 of 29: Assuming Communication equals Engagement

A great deal of engagement is about empathy – proving that you understand their world and are considerate of it. For your communications to demonstrate empathy, you’ll need to show that you understand their position/problem and have an answer for it – or at least go part-way towards answering it, so that if they want the full solution they have to contact you.

Your content should therefore speak to your audience about their issues. For example, you might publish an article or blog that addresses the conundrum of whether it is better to find a property before putting one’s own on the market, or vice versa. Your expertise should tell you that people thinking of moving are having these thoughts right now. Your role is to help them make the right moving decision, and they’ll thank you for it. You can advise them why it’s better to put their on the market first, but only a personal meeting can guide them through the likelihood of selling at a figure that will enable them to buy the property they want.

The rule of thumb is to gain their trust with sincere, generous advice, and then invite them to contact you directly if they’d like to discuss the issue in more detail. As you are the author of the piece, they may even feel somewhat honoured to have you, the expert, in their home.

It’s also well worth producing a downloadable guide to buying, selling, renting, etc. This “something for nothing” helps build trust and is also great for your SEO.

“Use relevant, meaningful content if you want to fully engage with your target audience.”

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