Mistake 4 of 29: Believing Market Reports are interesting!

While your choice of medium (newspaper/social media/e-newsletter etc) will have a bearing on how you address your recipient, it’s your heading/subject line that will mostly influence the likelihood of your piece being read. The headline “Market Report” is quite dull, whereas "Cheltenham Property Market Outperforms UK” is much more striking.

Having said that, please don’t limit yourself to market reports.

Most homeowners are not moving house and regularly reporting marginal local price adjustments from month to month is just boring.

Your job is to engage with numerous homeowners, without any knowledge of which of them is likely to be considering a move. If most of your material is focused on getting business rather than attracting interest then you’ll alienate your audience faster than a Foxtons’ price reduction.

Using their name, a local reference or a specific issue in a short, sharp enigmatic email subject line can work well, especially if it poses a relevant question, such as “Is it better to buy first, or sell, Sarah?” or “Did you know this about Stamp Duty, Roger?”. Certainly taking a contrary stance to something can also be impactful, such as “Why you should avoid virtual tours, David” (assuming your agency doesn’t do virtual tours). In fact, I find that a negative subject header in an email newsletter generates three times that of a positive one!

So “Top 10 mistakes when selling” or “Do avoid these three traps when moving, John” are likely to generate more interest than “Top Tips”. Just like these blogs!

(Like what NOT to do when knocking a wall down.)

Obviously you can’t always use people’s name, such as in a blanket flyer or newspaper. When using an email list you’ll need to take into account those email addresses without a name. I find using “Hi” in the salutation works best because it can be used with or without a name, whereas “Dear” cannot be used unless you are sure you have a first name in your list.

Also, make sure that you don’t con people with your subject line or heading. Deliver what they expect. So don’t use a subject such as “How to sell your house for free” unless that’s what you are really going to tell them.

“Either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing” - Benjamin Franklin.

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Cheers for now.

Richard Rawlings

DRIP Content Writer for Estate Agents

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