Mistake 3 of 29: Seeking Perfection

The public is better informed than ever before. At a time when they are wary of spin, polished marketing and fake news, “the real you” is in serious demand. This “shiny-authentic inversion” is possibly one of the fastest growing areas of marketing clout, especially in an industry such as ours where generating trust is mission critical.

Smartphones with their instantly shareable photos, videos and candid Tweets have created an expectation of individual personality, voluntarily providing a personal insight into our lives and, increasingly, our business.

Estate Agents have been slow to harness this phenomenon, even though most would agree that it’s the person who actually gets the instruction, not the brand.

The brand just gets the REAL you through the door.

When people realise that they are dealing with the real you, not a mask or a corporate clone, they are much more receptive to what you have to say. Trust and loyalty are generated – and business won. So it’s okay to write from the heart. It’s okay to admit to failures and weaknesses, as they give validity to your more positive claims.

The key is to be seen as the trustworthy, enthusiastic expert – the flip side of the stereotypical wide-boy agent. This can often be expressed through your generosity. In other words, be generous with your comments, advice, opinion and guidance without any expectation of anything in return and you’ll build a fan base that genuinely delivers profitable business, both directly and by reputation.

Key Point: Don’t aim for perfection – communicate AUTHENTICITY.

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Thanks for reading.

Richard Rawlings.

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