How can I use the content?

Powerful Email Marketing

Generously providing a regular stream of interesting and relevant material is one of the most powerful ways of building a community of local homeowners who become increasingly familiar with, and loyal to, your agency.

Maybe you use a service like Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor or BriefYourMarket to distribute your material. Include great CONTENT and people will soon regard you as the local property expert and your engagement rates will blossom...

Engaging Newsletters

Physical newsletters are a great way of ensuring local homeowners regard YOU as the voice of authority in your area. More than just a mailer, these are welcomed and add real value to the reader, both educating, informative and entertaining. The perfect way to replace the hole left by any reduction in your local newspaper ad spend. Let me provide you with the CONTENT that makes these fly!

Informative Mailers

High quality, intelligent content is gold for your search engine optimization efforts. Long gone are the days of keyword-loaded copy on websites and blogs. Highly relevant, genuine wording with contextual meaning will not only be enjoyed by potential sellers but also be regarded as preferred ranking material by search engines.

Shareable Social Media

Content – when delivered through social media allows for feedback. It means you can gauge your customers’ attitude and get to know their needs and demographic better. Content at its best can inspire discussion, allegiance, provoke thought and get everyone talking.

Authoritative Blogs/Website

Good quality content is gold for SEO. If you decide to generate a blog with quality content and connect it to your agency this can have positive repercussions. Long gone are the days of writing poor quality keyword-loaded copy on websites and blogs. Context, meaning and genuinely good, relevant writing will not only be picked up by potential sellers for a read but also by search engines as a preferred ranking.

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